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Deconstructing the protective immunity of yellow fever virus 17D to inform flavivirus vaccine design

Welcome to the platform dedicated to the Yellow4FLAVI project, a groundbreaking initiative tackling one of the greatest public health challenges: combating flaviviruses by gaining a better understanding of the immunity mechanisms induced by the YF17D vaccine. This ambitious project promises to transform our approach to vaccination against diseases such as dengue, Zika, and yellow fever, leveraging cutting-edge research.

About the Project Yellow4FLAVI

Our scientific quest is to uncover the secrets of immunity conferred by the YF17D vaccine. By deciphering these mechanisms, Yellow4FLAVI aims to lay the groundwork for the development of more effective and targeted flavivirus vaccines, addressing current and future health emergencies.



The project relies on unprecedented transnational and transdisciplinary collaboration, bringing together academic institutions, research centers, and internationally renowned experts.


Each partner brings unique expertise, enriching our understanding of flaviviruses and the development of innovative vaccination strategies.

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Progress and Results

Our work has already led to significant advances, notably through the use of cutting-edge techniques such as cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) and super-resolution microscopy.


These innovative technologies offer unprecedented insights into virus-host interactions and immune response, paving the way for vaccine design.

News and Events

Our news section keeps you updated on the latest discoveries, publications, and international events where our team presents its research. It provides a window into the constant evolution of our project and our contribution to the global scientific community.

Contact and Collaboration

We are open to new collaborations and idea exchange. If you are interested in our research or wish to contribute to our project, feel free to contact us. Together, we can advance research on flaviviruses and contribute to the protection of global public health.

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